Shoot 'Em Up

Sometimes there is nothing better than a good shoot 'em up movie. I love to watch what I know are impossible stunts and a lone man or woman going up against impossible odds and coming out ahead. Die Hard was the first movie I remember seeing of this type, though I'm sure there were earlier ones.
My new favorite in this genre has the honest title of Shoot 'em Up. This 2007 movie stars Clive Owen as a man named Smith who accidentally finds himself in the middle of everything after he comes to the aid of a pregnant women in labor

who for some unknown reason is being attacked by a group of thugs. Smith is a loner who seems to have a thing for carrots which, like Bugs Bunny, he always seems to be eating or amazingly using as a deadly weapon. The villain in the move is an ex-government profiler (excuse me, I mean a forensic behavioral consultant) name Hertz played perfectly by Paul Giamatti. You might remember him as John Adams in the HBO mini-series of the same name. He effectively steals every scene he is in, which in this movie is difficult.
I won't be giving away much if I tell you that in the first few minutes of the movie the girl dies, the baby doesn't and it is the baby who was the real target of the thugs. If you like gunfire, over- the-top stunts and tongue-in-cheek, dark, dry humor you'll like Shoot 'em Up. It has everything you want in a good shoot 'em up: gunfire, blood, the whore with a heart of gold, heavy metal music, stunts, corrupt politicians, but I don't remember right now if it had a kitchen sink.