SupercarIt's 1961 and I'm six years old. I've rushed home from school to plant myself firmly in front of the TV to watch a puppet show. But not just any puppet show. This was Supercar; real science fiction. Never mind that the puppets, Marionettes really, were a little jerky and you could see the strings. I didn't really care about the story. I wanted to own Supercar and to fly it. Supercar was Gerry Anderson's first science fiction series filmed in Supermarionation; a fancy name for a show done with puppets. Supercar wasn't a car at all, but what we would today call a vertical landing and takeoff craft able to fly, go into space and undersea; there was not a single wheel on it. Supercar was a beauty to behold. Even today I still would love to own it. It's my dream car second only to the 1960's Batmobile.

Supercar is not as well known as Gerry Anderson's later creations; such as Fireball XL-5, Thunderbirds and Space 1999 but it does seem to hold up better than these other programs do today. Understand Supercar is a children's show but its science was believable and still seems so today. Supercar tells the story of a group of scientists at a secret facility in Black Rock Nevada who have developed a vertical landing and takeoff vehicle piloted by Mike Mercury. The team also features Professors Popkiss and Beaker the inventors of Supercar and the mandatory kid, Jimmy and his pet monkey Mitch. The effects are very poor by today's standards, but not bad for the time. Well, that is except for the goldfish in the underwater portion of the opening titles.

Why is a children's show in the adult area of Library. Well honestly, I doubt children today would watch them. Filmed in glorious B&W and having a story that you have to really pay attention to and sometimes life threatening situations that are full of stress and suspense and no real "grab you and make you watch" action they are more for those who, like me, wish to capture memories from their youth. The show is typical kids fare, and while I find it enjoyable, I can't handle more than one or two episodes at a time. But I still dream of that car and if someone ever really succeeds in building one I just might have to mortgage all that I own to buy it.