Tips for Finding Foreign Films using the Library Catalog

I will admit it, creating a list of foreign films using the library's catalog can be a frustrating experience for many patrons;  however,  it can be done and it is simpler than you might think.  Here are some tips to help you generate a list of foreign films in various languages.

Step 1: make sure you are using the "Keyword" search option of the catalog.  This is the default option for  the catalog.

Step 2:  Enter as your keyword terms the words "motion pictures" followed by the country (not the language) in which the films you are looking for were produced.  For example,  to find French films you would enter the terms  "motion pictures France" .  The one exception to this rule is our Spanish language films which can be found using the term "Spanish"

Step 3: in the "Search by" field, using the pull down menu select the term "subject"

Step 4:  in the "Limit by" field, using the pull down menu select the term "DVD"

Step 5: hit enter or select "go." 

In most cases this should generate a list of films produced in the country you selected and in language or languages spoken in that country.  Below I have created links for some of the more commonly asked for foreign films. 

French     Japanese     Hindi and other Indian Laguages     Chinese      Spanish


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