While you wait for...Lincoln

Lincoln DVD imageSteven Spielberg's Lincoln currently has more hold requests than any other title in our collection! Whether you are waiting, have seen it already, or just want something else to watch, we have some other movies featuring our 16th President that might be of interest: He is featured briefly in D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation, Henry Fonda plays him as a younger man (without the beard) in John Ford's Young Mr. Lincoln. Sam Waterston also portrayed him as President in an adaptation of Gore Vidal's Lincoln. If you are specifically interested in the aftermath of his assassination you could try Robert Redford's The Conspirator. And, for some time-travelling non-seriousness, there's always Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure!

Read below for some more films about other U.S. Presidents

(for documentaries try looking in the Non-Fiction under 973 North American History, 921 Biography, or 324 The Political Process):

The Crossing - Jeff Daniels portrays General George Washington's attack on British forces during the American Revolution. 

John Adams - In this HBO mini-series Paul Giamatti depicts Adams' role in the American Revolution, during the Constitutional Convention, as a diplomat overseas, as Vice President, our Second President, and after.

Sunrise at Campobello - This 1960 film covers Franklin Delano Roosevelt's development of polio after losing the Vice Presidency in 1920 through the time he returns to public life (that eventually leads to the longest Presidency in U.S. history).

Warm Springs - This more recent film covers a similar period of time for FDR, here played by Kenneth Branagh, as he seeks a cure for his polio before his time as President.

Truman - Gary Sinise plays Harry S. Truman's rise from small-town haberdasher to the President who decided to drop the Atomic Bomb in WWII and later enter the Korean War.

PT 109 - The first movie to be released about a President while he was still in office, this depicts John F. Kennedy's experiences in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

Thirteen Days - This film, dramatizing the decision-making of the Kennedy administration during the Cuban Missle Crisis, features Kevin Costner as an aid to Bruce Greenwood as JFK.

Path to War - Lyndon B. Johnson and his staff debate a continued involvement in Vietnam in this John Frankenheimer TV movie.

Nixon - Anthony Hopkins plays Nixon in this Oliver Stone bio-pic that covers his life as a boy to his eventual resignation as President.

Frost/Nixon - Frank Langella plays Nixon here in the dramatization of his famous post-Watergate television interviews with journalist David Frost.

The Reagans -This TV movie, contentious at the time for people wondering how accurate it was, covers Ronald and Nancy Reagan's years in the White House.

Primary Colors - This film stars John Travolta in a fictionalized account of Bill Clinton's campaign for President.

W. - Oliver Stone dramatizes the life and Presidency of George W. Bush, controversially released a few months before the end of his time in Office.

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