Deep in the desert, not too far from infamous Area 51, is a government facility called the Playroom. In this secret facility are a group of six kids, who are not-quite-human. While the Playroom is a refuge for them, it is also an enclosure. A security breach soon propels them into the world––a world dangerous for "irregularities." Before they know it, this group of clever and funny kids is being hunted by employees of the government, UFO conspiracy theorists, and a mysterious and malevolent "Collector."

This graphic novel features a cast of diverse characters searching for a place to call home, as well as incredible art and some snarky, funny dialogue. If you like books with adventure & beautiful art, a high-stakes plot (without any world ending), and cryptids(!), check it out.

This graphic novel has a few informative discussions by characters on the use of non-binary pronouns and is a sweet character exploration with minimal romance. However, the book uses "Lizard People" as a plot point––without regard or explanation that a reptilian conspiracy theory does exist, with antisemitic history. This inclusion makes Another Kind less than ideal, however, it is still worth reading and possibly prompting discussions.

Recommended for age 10 and up.

Reviewed by Claire C., Senior Information Assistant