Jack and her gender fluid brother, Birdie, are siblings who have to move in with their stoic and no-nonsense uncle after their eccentric uncle proves that he is not a good caretaker after their mother's sudden death. The constant upheaval, new scenery, school, and bullying in their new life throw them through a loop. Through grieving, confronting bullies, and confronting comfort zones -- Birdie, Jack, and both their uncles learn to love and accept each other for who they are. Together, the family creates a new sense of home together. 

The overarching themes of discovering yourself and your place in the world as well as family and support aren't exactly new, but the author, Nuanez, handles them with a gentle and empathetic hand, making Jack and Birdie come to life. It also features an absolutely fantastic representation of a gender fluid child that you won't soon forget! Fans of authors such as Kate Dicamillo, Ann M. Martin and Dan Gemeinhart will find something of great value in this novel.