Borrow a Toothbrush

Borrow a toothbrush

Sorry, didn’t you notice today’s date? Toothbrushes are not available for check out in our Library of Things, you April fools! EW, what were you thinking?!

While our Library of Things does not include toothbrushes, it is filled with items you might not expect to find at the Library! Here are some highlights from the collection:

  • Explore Indiana State Parks with an Adventure Backpack! Backpacks contain identification guides, outdoor tools, and a voucher for free admission to any Indiana State Park.
  • Become the next TikTok or YouTube sensation with our Mobile Video Production Kits! These compact kits include an adjustable tripod for stability, a lapel microphone for quality audio, and an adjustable light. Pair a kit with your personal smartphone to record high-quality videos!
  • Our cellular-enabled iPads are pre-loaded with apps and programs for everyday use! iPads check out for 21 days and come with unlimited data-–no WiFi is needed.
  • Start your own book club with our book club kits. Available for adults and children, kits contain 10 copies of a title, discussion questions, and enrichment materials.
  • Want to bake delicious treats at home, but don’t have the money or space to buy all the necessary equipment? Baking kits will be available to check out from the Library of Things in the semi-near future! More details are coming soon.

These are just a few of the items available in the Library of Things. It also contains mobile hotspots, Role-Playing Game Kits, a Seed Library, ukuleles, and more! Check out the full collection on our website or browse the Library of Things space in person at the Downtown Library, next to the DVD collection. Some children’s items can also be found downstairs in the children’s department. All items can be placed on hold to pick up at any Library location!