We can usually see the benefit of fairy godmothers’ gifts - after all, who wouldn’t like to be graced with the gift of wisdom, beauty, or humor? But what would happen if a fairy godmother gave the gift of being ordinary?

That’s exactly what happens to Princess Basil of Florim. While her five sisters were given perfectly standard fairy godmother gifts, Basil was given the gift of being ordinary. It seemed like no matter what the King and Queen tried, nothing could make Princess Basil anything more than ordinary. Worried that her ordinary daughter would never find a fiance, the Queen carried out a scheme to have Basil captured by a dragon! After all, brave knights are always looking for a Princess to rescue and wed, right?

How will Princess Basil escape capture and prove that she's extraordinary? Read this fun and fast paced graphic novel to find out! 

Filled with friendship, adventure, and the positive message that even the most ordinary person can be extraordinary, this graphic novel is sure to delight! Excellent for fans of Alls Faire in Middle School by Victoria Jamieson, Princess Academy by Shannon Hale and Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. Recommended ages 8+

Reviewed by Kim B., Librarian