Fix-It Fair

Fix-It Fair Video

fix-it-fair_square_08-18.jpgThe Library, in partnership with the City of Bloomington Department of Economic and Sustainable Development, invites community members age 18 and up to bring in an item for repair free of charge at the second annual Fix-It Fair, Saturday, September 21 from 11 AM–4 PM at the Downtown Library!

Local professionals and volunteers will provide repairs and be available to coach attendees interested in learning how to make their own fixes. Limit one item per person, please.

"The Fix-It Fair is such an awesome chance to repair something that's been lying around your house ready to go in the trash," said Jeannette Lehr, event organizer. "Not only do you get an item repaired free, but you can learn to perform the same type of repair yourself from your fixer. It's a win-win––it keeps items out of the landfill and teaches community members new and valuable skills."

Bring in your broken:

  • Small appliances & electronics (lamps, toasters, walkie-talkies, radios, remotes, power drills, circuit boards, printers, guitar pedals, amps, etc.)
  • Bicycles
  • Stringed instruments (bring new strings if needed)
  • Clothing, textiles, and shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Toys
  • Eyeglasses (after 11:30 AM)

Please do not bring phones, tablets, computers, items with heating/cooling elements, TVs, video players, cameras, or large sewing projects.

Additionally, the Fix-It Fair will accept donations of old cell phones for Middle Way House.

Questions? Want to volunteer? Email jlehr [at] or check out the Facebook event!