Trial of the Wolf Girls: a mini adventure gamebook

Saturday, October 16 is Free RPG Day! During this nationwide event, gamers and publishers come together to celebrate adventure role-playing games by giving away free stuff. Here’s what we have to celebrate!

Tween Book Giveaway

Visit the Tween Space at the Downtown Library on October 16 to pick up a free copy of Trial of the Wolf Girls, a choose-your-own-adventure-style fantasy gamebook written by a local author. These will be available until supplies are gone!

RPG Kits Available for Checkout

When it comes to our Role-Playing Game Kits, every day is Free RPG Day! Each kit includes everything you need to play––a core rulebook, an adventure module, the required dice, and some pre-generated characters. We have a wide range of different systems (and multiple adventures) for both new and veteran players! RPG Kits can be found in our Library of Things at the Downtown Library (or put on hold for pickup at any location) and check out for 21 days at a time.

D&D Library Talk Podcast

Curious about role-playing games but not sure where to start? D&D Library Talk is our podcast all about the ins and outs of RPG systems, like Dungeons and Dragons. Episodes offer tips on how everyone can enjoy the game, whether as a player or game master. The podcast features Teen Librarian Sam Ott, Senior Information Assistant Laura Wise, and library volunteer and game designer Scott Murray. It is edited and with music by Andrew Slater. Start listening now!

RPG Events and Resources

We also offer free RPG events for teens and tweens! Go on adventures with friends at D&D clubs with online and in-person sessions––and at Miniature Painting 101, we’ll show you how to paint miniatures to use on your quests! View upcoming related events.

In addition to self-contained RPG kits, our collection contains a variety of RPG-related books. From guides on different RPG systems and instruction books on how to draw adventure maps, to RPG-based novels, there’s lots to explore! Library staff is always available to help you navigate our collection––just stop by any information desk, give us a call, or chat with us online. You can also use our personalized recommendation request forms!