If you liked Stranger Things, read Paper Girls by Brian Vaughan. Vaughan, author of Saga, utilizes many of the same elements as Stranger Things: independent children, other worlds, absent parents (seriously, where are the parents?), and otherworldly monsters. The story begins as several twelve year-old paper girls bike their evening route on Halloween, 1988. What starts as a normal shift grows stranger and more supernatural by the hour. The main character, Erin, is delivering papers, when she is accosted by strange boys in Halloween costumes. Another group of paper girls rescues her and they agree to travel together for safety, but along the way they realize that people in town have started to disappear.

As the girls try to figure out what has happened and keep one another safe, they battle mutants, foes from the future, giant dinosaurs, spaceships, and deal with the repercussions of time and space travel. The heroines use ingenuity, bravery, and skill to solve their problems and learn lessons about friendship, trust, and the power of sacrifice. The art enhances this story, heavily relying on pinks, purples, and blues, evoking an atmosphere reminiscent of the 80’s and a perfect canvas for this absorbing sci-fi adventure. All in all, this graphic novel is an enthralling read that will keep readers glued to the page until the final frame. Suggested for ages 14 and up.