Digital Technology: It's Everywhere


Digital technology is everywhere, and it’s here to stay. Applying for jobs, paying bills, or checking the weather can be done anywhere there is internet access—if you know how to do it.

Digital learning tools also help adult learners succeed, for a number of reasons:

  • Empowerment: learning a new skill builds confidence and increases self-sufficiency.
  • Motivation: technologies are often novel and appealing alternatives to traditional education.
  • Immediacy: digital learning is available at times and places convenient to the learner; more practice means more achievement.
  • Relevance: learners choose resources that support their individual learning goals.
Try It Out

audiobook.jpgListening to a recording of a book as you read it increases your comprehension, improves fluency, and fine-tunes your listening skills. Explore VITAL's Fiction with Audio Recording books—you can listen and read using a Library computer, or borrow them to enjoy at home.



Simple touch screens and picture icons make tablets a great introduction to digital learning. Check out Top 5 Mobile Games and Apps for Adult Learners.

Computers in the VITAL Resource Room also feature our Online Learning Resources for interactive, self-paced learning in Reading and Math, English as a New Language, Computer Skills, and Test Preparation. VITAL staff are happy to introduce you to these resources—just stop by for more information.