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American Citizenship Study for English Language Learners Begins February 5


mcpl_american-citizenship-for-english-language-learners_winter-2018.pngImprove your English skills as you learn about the naturalization process.

Topics include preparing for the Citizenship Test and interview, understanding the benefits of citizenship, learning about American culture, and more.

All learning levels welcome. Please register before February 5 in VITAL at the Main Library.

Adults (age 16 & up)
5:30–8:30 PM | Every Monday & Wednesday
February 5 to April 30
Main Library | Program Room 2C, second floor

Listening to English


Listening to English is essential for improving reading skills. But what sounds more engaging—learning about the silent “e” rule, or the thrilling adventures of Sherlock Holmes? Both are important, but hearing the written word satisfies the brain’s thirst for knowledge and information, even beyond our ability to read independently. Exposure to the sound of expressive reading, dramatic pauses, and phrasing helps with reading comprehension (understanding what we’re reading). And hearing new vocabulary in context requires us to draw conclusions, improving our critical thinking skills.