Quaran-Zine, Vol. 1

The first issue of the Library's new community Quaranzine has arrived! There are two different versions––one is for reading on a screen, and the other has been imposed so that it can be printed at home, folded, stapled, and read in that fashion.

Download for on-screen reading -- Download for at-home printing

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this zine. Please consider contributing to the next issue, coming July 1!

Zines have historically been ways for communities to grow even when they can’t be around each other. They allow someone to find a community even when that community isn’t nearby. Individuals would write and send off for zines from other people elsewhere to try and find these communities. Now, you can virtually connect in a much quicker digital space. Although the format may be different, the need to share and understand each other is still the same, and zines are still alive and providing that necessary community connection.

This zine was created by many different individuals using a variety of methods (digital, physical collaging, photography, and more). Hopefully, this Quaranzine represents a slice of Bloomington’s community culture or ‘folklife’––the living expression of culture in everyday life. By capturing something of your lives and your separate quarantines during the COVID-19 pandemic, this Quaranzine is helping to document and fill Bloomington's history with your memories, feelings, and moments.


Want to contribute to the next volume?

Send your art and thoughts in the form of an 8.5” x 5.5” page of words or images, a photograph or an image, or about 250 words about something. Recipes, pictures, fun projects, and more––all ideas that highlight the community and uplift voices are encouraged and welcome!

Please reach out to quaranzine [at] mcpl.info with any questions or entries. Submissions for the second volume will be accepted through June 26. Submissions will be compiled and posted to this site by July 1.