Early Childhood Educator Training Opportunities

If you are a director of an early childhood center or have your own home-based care, MCPL librarians will provide free training to help you meet your language and literacy goals! Workshops are flexible, from one to three hours, and can cover a variety of topics:

  • Understanding and Promoting Early Literacy
    • In this interactive workshops you will learn the basic skills needed for reading success and simple, effective ways to help develop those skills in children ages 0-5 years. Along the way you will learn techniques for booksharing and program planning that enhance activities already going on in your busy early childhood environment.
  • Fun with Words
    • This workshop describes ways to build vocabulary - a key ability for lifelong reading success.
  • Fun with Letters
    • Learn how to get children excited about writing and learning about letters.
  • Fun with Science and Math
    • Children are born scientists. Find out how to support your children's natural curiousity about the world.
  • Creating an Early Literacy Environment
    • The classroom is often considered the "Silent Teacher." Learn how to make your classroom environment support literacy and learning.

Call Christina Jones at 349-3100 to schedule a free workshop, tailored to fit your needs.