First Theater Experiences

First Theater Experiences

Being literate means knowing how to read and write, however, knowing where stories come from and how they can be told through music, dance, and live performance is another important piece of literacy. Exposure to different experiences, stories, and forms of literature aids in building background knowledge of the world and it fosters comprehension.

The Library’s First Theater Experiences programming aims to introduce young children to the joys and benefits of attending plays, music, dance, storytelling, and other performances presented by expert artists. In cooperation with community partners, the Library's First Theater Experiences programs:

  • Provide a diversity of cultural literacy experiences for young children
  • Develop familiarity for the story portrayed and help increase comprehension
  • Foster an understanding of and appreciation for various art forms
  • Help develop the attention span of young audiences
  • Build expectation for how to behave at live theater performances
  • Provide free opportunities for families to introduce children to a form of performance art

Are you planning to take your child to see a live theater performance? Here are some helpful tips and benefits.


Helpful Resources

The Library partners with Cardinal Stage, Bloomington's professional theater company, to produce study guides for educational use. Here is a sampling of the guides:


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