Get Reading, Get Moving






Research shows that children who read over the summer maintain their reading skills and can even make reading gains. Children who don't read can lose two months of reading achievement every summer. Research also shows that children who are physically active over the summer boost their brain function. Children who aren't active can put on unhealthy pounds.

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How can I be more active?

Invent your own way to get moving, or you might try one of these activities:

  • Make an obstacle course and run through it.
  • For every commercial you see on TV in one day, do 25 jumping jacks.
  • Got wheels? Go for a spin--on your bike, skateboard, roller skates or scooter.
  • Do some somersaults, cartwheels, or sit-ups.
  • Beat the heat! Play in the water.
  • Kick, toss, or throw a ball. Play hopscotch or jump rope.
  • Play a motion-control video game or dance game.

Explore the Great Outdoors

There are many wonderful outdoor places to discover in Monroe County.

  • Play at a playground with a friend.
  • Take a walk on the B-Line Trail.
  • Find the giant sundial in Flatwoods Park.
  • Play at the Splash Pad in Karst Park.
  • Hike the Clear Creek trail and look for the new Monroe Smart Start signs.

For a list of area parks with maps and directions, start here:

Discover Fun Ways to Eat Healthy and Move Your Body

  • Blast Off Game - Choose foods to add to your fuel tank and an activity to charge your battery - then see if you can blast off to Planet Power!
  • Dining Decisions - Can you grab five good food choices off the conveyor belt before the time runs out?
  • Get on Up and Move! - The people in this video show you all kinds of creative ways you can move your body. Follow along or make up your own way to move.
  • Move & Mixer- This dance creation tool lets you make up your own dance, then try it out!
  • Pick Chow! - Choose foods from different food categories to add to your plate and see if you can create a five star meal.
  • Zoe's Dance Moves - Click on the pictures to choose a dance style and then dance along with Zoe!