Homework Help for Children in Grades K-6

Homework HelpFind books and online resources to help you with your homework - whether you need to complete an assignment, write a report, or do a presentation. We can help you find the right information for your need, teach you how to cite your source, and show you computer resources you can use to share your work with others. After school, or on the weekend, we are ready to help.  The Library also provides homework help for teens.


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eAccess for Schools

eLibrary Resources students use most for the classroom, homework, or independent study. 

eLibrary Resources

Complete list of online resources purchased by the library. Access magazine and newspaper articles and other resources to help with research.



Provided by Discovery Education, this site generates answers to math problems and explains how to solve them.

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator

Create and print free worksheets to practice adding, subtracting and other math skills away from the computer. (An answer sheet is available with some worksheets so you can check your work, too.)


See our separate pages for Reading Games on the Web, suggesting fun ways to practice your reading skills and ideas for Helping Your Child with Reading, a guide for Parents and Teachers.


Online Writing Lab from Purdue

Learn about different styles of writing, grammar, research and citation. Help for all skill levels.



U.S. Census Bureau: Indiana

Indiana and Local Information

Compiled by Monroe County Public Library staff.


Connect to Culturegrams or World Book Online, and search for the state you are researching.

Find basic facts of any state, including Washington, D.C., as well as a picture of the state flag.

Countries of the World

Connect to Culturegrams or World Book Online, and search for the state you are researching.

The World FactBook

Look here for current factual information on oceans and countries from around the world. Provides a picture of the country's flag, along with information on its geography, people, government and more.


Connect to Culturegrams or World Book Online, and search for the state you are researching.

CIA World Factbook : Flags of the World

Images of flags from around the world, listed in alphabetical order by country, with a description of the flag and a link to country information.


Presidents of the United States: Library of Congress

Selected images are made available by the Library of Congress for educational and research use.

Other General Homework Help Sites for Kids


From the Information Please almanac, this site features its own Homework Center with resources divided by subject matter, and other useful online tools, such as atlases, conversion calculators and more.

Khan Academy

Features more than 3,000 videos on math, science, test prep topics and more, enabling users to watch and learn for free. Includes hundred of practice exercises and resources for teachers, too.


Know Your News: Recognizing Good & Bad Information Sources

Tips for knowing when information can be trusted.

Internet Search Tools and Tips for Kids

Find the best search tool for your information need.

Learn How to Cite Your Source

Make note of where you find useful information and learn how to create a bibliography.

How to Use the Dewey Decimal System

The library organizes nonfiction material using this numbering system.