Magazines for Children

Note: Age level recommendations for some of the magazines listed below are based on those given in the reference book Magazines for Young People (JR 051 Ka). (Age recommendations made by the publisher may differ.) Not all of the titles listed below are owned by the library. If (J Magazines) appears next to a magazine title, it means this title is shelved in the general magazines section of the Children's Department. Some Magazines for Parents are located in our Parent Teacher Resource Room. More magazines for adults are on the second floor. Questions? Please ask.

Babybug (J Magazines)

Designed for children 6 months to 2 years old, this boardbook magazine contains colorful pictures, short stories and rhymes to engage listeners and encourage children to try reading.

Beanz (J Magazines)

A magazine about kids, code, computer science, and how we use technology.

Boys' Life (J Magazines)

Features the cover picture and contents from the current issue, but only selected articles are available online. Includes a section where you can download the plans for making various projects, such as stilts or a telegraph.  For ages 8-17.

ChopChop (J Magazines)

The fun cooking magazine for families.

Disney Princess (J Magazines)

Stories about the Disney princesses, plus entertaining games, activities, and recipes.  "For little princesses of all ages," according to the website.

 Highlights for Children (J Magazines)

Issues contain poems, stories, puzzles, jokes, riddles, rebus stories, crafts, and hidden pictures. There is something for everyone ages 4-12.

Ladybug (J Magazines)

This is a magazine from the publishers of Cricket, targeted to a younger audience (2-7). It contains numerous learning activities with a particular focus on reading and understanding. Contains poems, stories, cartoons, and activities.

National Geographic Kids (Formerly called National Geographic World) (J Magazines)

Published by the National Geographic Society for kids between the ages of 8 and 14, Kids covers a wide variety of topics, but focuses on geography, adventure, wildlife and science issues. The website includes links to stories, fun facts, games and other activities.

Ranger Rick (J Magazines)

Monthly magazine for kids ages 7 and up features colorful animal photos, funny drawings, and exciting stories that inform children about nature, outdoor adventure, and helping the environment. The online version of the magazine includes websites for homework help, monthly activities, games, sections for parents and teachers and a sneak preview of the current issue.

Ranger Rick Jr. (J Magazines)

Monthly magazine featuring information and photos about wilflife for ages 4-7. Website for the magazine offers animal facts, short stories, games and more.(Big Backyard and Wild Animal Baby titles, previously published by the National Wildlife Federation, have merged with Ranger Rick Jr.)

Sports Illustrated for Kids Online (J Magazines)

Monthly magazine for elementary age children includes interviews with sports heroes, comics, action photos and much more. The web version mirrors the print edition while capitalizing on the magazine's interactive appeal.

Revised January 2020.