Our Spaces

Monroe County Public Library houses a full children's collection, computers, launchpads, board games, a train table, and more. Enjoy playtime and early literacy activities throughout the children’s area with pop-up activities, programs, and our dedicated play spaces. To keep the possibility of allergic reactions minimal, we ask that snacks be taken out of these spaces to eat.


The Nursing Room

baby in the Nursing RoomNursing and breastfeeding are welcome anywhere in the library. We encourage families to nurse wherever and however they feel most comfortable. Families who seek privacy while breastfeeding may request to use a private nursing room located in the children’s area near the family restrooms. The space is equipped with a chair, toys, and requires a key from the information desk to enter.



The Baby Space

babies playing in the Baby SpacePlay and engage with your youngest in the Baby Space (for infants not yet walking). This space is dedicated to our youngest visitors so that they and their caregivers have the opportunity to explore, play, and develop skills in a safe area away from children who can walk and run. In this space, you and your child will find sensory items and toys geared specifically to children in their first year.



The Learn and Play Space (LAPS)

A toddler playing in LAPSThe Learn and Play Space (LAPS) is designed for children birth–6 and their adult caregivers to explore together with fun learning activities that promote early literacy skills. The LAPS is an enclosed space and is located in the Main Library's Children's area across from the children's information desk. It opens when the we open and closes 30 minutes prior to our closing. The room is open to the public; however, it may not be reserved by groups for private use. Though the themes change every couple months, there are permanent learning centers in LAPS––a kitchen, writing center, reading center, and a baby area. The baby area is intended for children who are not yet walking, similar to the Baby Space.

Adults are expected to stay with their children, to guide them in play, and take responsibility for their behavior. Running, jumping, throwing, and shouting are outdoor activities that do not belong in the Learn and Play Space. The library is a place that all people in the community come to visit and all visitors should be considerate of others. Adults can greatly increase the value of exploration by staying with children, helping them to find new language for what they are discovering, making observations that lead to critical thinking, and stimulating interest and creativity. Remember, a parent is a child's first and best teacher!


The Preschool Area

Two preschoolers playing at the train tableBoth the Main and the Ellettsville branches have a space for preschoolers and their families that is open to all ages, but geared towards children 0-6. As with the other play spaces, caregivers and parents are expected to stay with their children, to guide them in play, and take responsibility for their behavior. Running, jumping, throwing, and shouting are outdoor activities that do not belong in the play spaces.

  • The Main library Preschool Area houses the baby book collection, ample comfy seating, a train table, dollhouse, and puzzles - giving you and your child abundant opportunities to play.
  • The Ellettsville Preschool Room contains the Ellettsville Picture book collection; educational computer games; and an imaginative play area featuring a play kitchen, train table, and puppet theater, giving your young child many opportunities to read, talk, sing, write, and play!

Garden Spaces

Child and an adult in the Garden Space at the Main LibraryBoth the Main and the Ellettsville branches have garden spaces utilized for programs but are open for visitors to explore. The gardens are perfect areas for a picnic lunch after visiting the library, observing nature, or for a quick game of I Spy. Produce grown is donated to organizations such as the community kitchen and Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.



For Further Information

Please give us a call at 812-349-3050, or email us at childref [at] mcpl.info if you have any questions about any of our play spaces. We are excited about this unique service and hope you have a good visit at the Monroe County Public Library.