Sight Words

Sight words are words that appear frequently and cannot be sounded out using usual decoding rules, therefore readers must memorize them by sight. Many of these words are difficult to sound out with the usual decoding rules and are good ones to memorize.

"Sight" and High-Frequency Words
Explanations of the importance of sight words and provides standard lists to use (Dolch and Fry). Also provides printable flashcards of the Dolch list.

Dolch Word Lists
The Dolch Word list is a list of the 200 most frequently appearing sight words. This page offers printable lists of the Dolch words featuring artwork from children's book illustrator Jan Brett.

This site offers free printable flashcards for both the Dolch and Fry sight word lists divided by grade level as well as sight word games, and techniques to help teach sight words.

Tips for Teaching Sight Words
This Scholastics article offers a variety of methods to teach sight words for grades K-2.