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The Library's free Summer Reading Game combines weekly activities and special events to help children find fun things to read and do this summer. Children can participate in the Summer Reading Game at the Main Library, Ellettsville Branch, and on the Bookmobile.

Children of all ages can play the Summer Reading Game. The game is designed for school-age children who have completed any grade K-6, but families can adapt the game for pre-readers by reading aloud to your infants and toddlers. Pick up a Summer Reading Game Board for any child who would like to earn points and collect prizes. Record your progress on the game board in the way that suits you best.

Library staff start giving out Game Boards on Friday, May 26. Game boards are available during open hours for as long as supplies last. Want to get started from home? You can sign up online (starting May 26) and print out a smaller version of the game board. Bring the game board with you next time you visit the Library and we'll award the prizes you've earned. Read below for complete instructions on how to play the game.

How do you play the Summer Reading Game? Any time you complete a Summer Reading activity, color in a spot on the game board to record the point you earned.

  • ImageKeep a Reading List! Read or listen to books, magazines, or audiobooks. (Earn up to 25 points!) Earn points when you: a.) finish reading a book b.) read to yourself for 30 minutes OR c.) have someone read aloud to you for 30 minutes. Write down the title you read or listened to on the "Reading List" section of the game board. Librarians love to recommend good books. We can help you find more titles you will like. Ask us!
  • Attend a Library Program! (Earn up to 6 points!) Attend special events at the Main Library, Ellettsville Branch, or visit the Bookmobile. Write down the name of the program you attended, or your Bookmobile stop on the Library Programs section of your guide. For every program you attend, color in a point. Find out about library programs in our program guide and on our website. 
  • Take the Weekly Challenge (Earn up to 8 points!) Try out the weekly challenge activity at the Main Library, Ellettsville Branch or Bookmobile. Write down the answer to the challenge on the game board's Weekly Challenge section. With each answer to the challenge, you earn a point. The first challenge is available Friday, May 26 through Sunday, June 4. After that, a new challenge appears every Monday through July 17. You may earn only one challenge point each week.
  • Try the Computer Question! (Earn up to 6 points!) Look for questions about the Olympic Games on the Computer Questions page. Write down the correct answer on the game board's Computer Question section and color in a point. The first question is available Friday, May 26. A new question will appear the following Mondays until 6 questions are posted. Questions remain on our website all summer, so you can catch up anytime!

Win Prizes As You Earn Points. Collect prizes at 5, 10, 15 and 25 points! At 25 points, you get to choose a brand new paperback book from our prize collection! You don't have to be a speed reader to finish the Summer Reading Program. There's no need to rush. Prizes don't become available until a certain date. You have until Sunday, July 31 to collect all prizes.

What's the best way to play? It's up to you! You can earn all your Summer Reading Game points just by reading books, or you can try different sections: Library Programs, the Weekly Challenge, or Computer Questions. Create your own way to win. If you want, you can make the Summer Reading Game more challenging. For example, you can choose to read two books before coloring in a point on the game board.

NOTE: When you reach 20 points, you become a Reader to the Rescue and the Library makes a donation of money to a local organization to celebrate your reading achievement. The reading you do can help others in our community!

The Summer Reading Program is all about reading for fun and staying active throughout the summer. So get reading and have a brilliant time exercising your brain muscles at the library this summer!

Teen Summer Reading Game available to ages 12–19.

Funding for programs is provided by the Friends of the Library

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