Tween Space

The Tween Space is a place where tweens (ages 7-12) can hang out, explore crafts and other activities, enjoy pop-up programs, work on homework, or play.

There are several tables and chairs in the space. Tween supplies are kept in a special Tween Space cart filled with free to use homework supplies like lined paper, graph paper, pencils, rulers, etc., craft supplies, small games or puzzles, and building toys like brain flakes, K’Nex, and LEGO. The Tween Space also features a display shelf where tweens can leave their creations for others to see and a large pinwall where they can post their artwork, share bookmarks, and post book reviews.


tweens crafting in the Tween Space

Tween Space Exclusive Hours

To help foster independence, creativity, and peer-to-peer social interaction, the Tween Space features exclusive tween hours. During these exclusive times, only tweens are allowed to be in the Tween Space.

  • Monday-Tuesday, Thursday 3pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 1:30pm-9pm
  • Friday 3pm-6pm 
  • All day on the weekends and other days off school
    Note: During off school hours, special accommodations are made for Homeschool families so that they may access the tween resources.


Meanwhile Back at the Branch

Though the Ellettsville Branch Library doesn’t have a dedicated tween’s only space, it does feature a lovely Children’s room separate from the preschool room and the rest of the library. This space offers two cozy windowed reading nooks, a work table, and a rotating activity for tweens in addition to the collection of Juvenile early readers, fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels tweens love! Similar to our Tween Space at the Main Library, the Ellettsville Tween Space also features a bulletin board where tweens can display their artwork, post book reviews, or grab a bookmark.