Young Hoosier Book Award Extravaganza – Stop Motion Tips

Stop Motion Basics

  • Take a picture of an object, move the object slightly and take another picture, move the object slightly and take another picture, and continue to repeat the process.
  • After you have all of your photos, you'll need to edit them together in the video editing program of your choice. To make things easier, try using the stop motion animation app, Stop Motion Studio. You’ll take the photos in the app and edit them together all right there! You can add music, record a voice-over, or even slow down or speed up your images––and the app is free!

Stop Motion Tips

  • Brainstorm your visuals and mentally visualize your story. Start with a script.
  • Shoot images you won't have to edit. Stop motion isn't about taking the individual photos, it's about creating a series of multiple images that capture motion. Editing individual shots takes extra time.
  • Set up the iPad or phone on a sturdy surface, kickstand, or tripod so that it doesn’t move during the entire shooting process.
  • Use controlled and constant lighting. Don't use daylight because the angle of the light might change while shooting. 
  • Add audio to display emotion and connect the story.

To learn more about the app's features and editing techniques, visit the Stop Motion Studio.