Young Hoosier Book Award Extravaganza - Green Screen Tips


Green screen technology is used regularly in movies and television to make it seem like actors are flying, hanging out in fantastic places, and more. You can create special effects using a green screen in your videos too.

Green screen technology works by replacing the green background of a photo or video with a different background image or video. Let’s say you want to appear like you’re walking in front of the Eiffel Tower in a video, but you live in southern Indiana. You can take a video of yourself walking in front of a large green background then use an app or computer software to replace everything green with an image of the Eiffel Tower.

What You Need

The Library uses the Green Screen by Do Ink app in children’s programming. You can do a lot with it, and it is user-friendly.

In addition to a green screen app, you'll also need a green screen background. The Main Library's digital creativity center, Level Up, has one in it and you can check out the room with your library card! If you can’t make it into the library to do your filming, you can simply use a large sheet of cheap green fabric or paper and hang it on a wall behind you.

General Tips

  • What images are you going to use in your background? You can create your own or you can find fair use images online. Try Pics4Learning or Photos for Class when searching for images to use.
  • Lighting matters! If it seems like there are a lot of shadows on your green screen, try adding more lights in the room or playing with the lighting in order to get the best shot.
  • Don’t forget that green screen technology replaces everything that’s green or any shade of green with the image. Don’t wear green if you want to appear on screen! Alternately, if you want to make parts of your body disappear (like if you want to appear as a floating head), you can use green clothing or more green fabric to do so.

For more info on how to use all the cool things in this app, check out the tips and tutorials on the Do Ink website.