Young Hoosier Book Award Extravaganza - Book Trailer Tips

Things to Think About Before Starting

  • Where does your book take place?
  • Who is your main character?
  • What does that character want? What’s their goal?
  • What gets in their way of reaching that goal?
  • What choices do they have to make?

Script Checklist

  • Book title
  • Author and/or illustrator’s name(s)
  • Book genre (Is it humorous? Full of action? Set in a different time period?)
  • Main character description
  • Main character's problem or dilemma
  • Some details about the action in the book
  • An ending with a question or imagery that makes you want to read it

General Tips

  • Tease the audience without giving too much away
  • Follow the “show, don’t tell” principle
  • Clearly introduce the concept of (or an angle of) the book
  • Leave the viewer wanting to know more
  • Use a question at the end of the trailer to create suspense
  • Finding free or non-copyrighted music and images to use in your video can be rough. Visit the Library's Level Up resources to learn a little more about searching for these.

Stop Motion and Green Screen Tips