Blooming Memories Through Music

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BMTM has announced the upcoming launch of the pilot program in September 2017 for our complementary residential music sessions for families living with Alzheimer's. We model our initiative after the documentary Alive Inside and our residential teams are made up of one Adult Liaison (mentor) and two BHSN honors music students who create custom playlists for each older adult. Our goals is to reduce the stress of the families/caregivers and to increase the joy in the quality of life of the elders. We hope to educate the community on the empathy factor needed to support caregivers. We also attempt to reduce the isolation factors that arise while loved ones are being allowed to age in place in familiar space with family support


Blooming Memories Thru Music gather monthly in the early afternoon, Check our Facebook for times and location. Blooming Memories Thru Music@BMTM Bloomington

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