Bloomington Moms Meetup Group (Hoosier Mamas)

AddressBloomington, IN

Hoosier Mamas is a network of moms in Bloomington who regularly meet to share experiences, find advice, give support and make new friends. We also provide friendship and interaction for our children. Our group is not just an online group, but an offline community of mothers and families. Our events include regular meetups at parks, in-house playdates, GymPlay at Rising Star Gymnastics, storytime at Barnes & Noble, library activities, and holiday events. We meet at attractions such as WonderLab, Jump-n-Joey's, and McCormick's Creek. We have also had tours of places such as the fire station, Kroger, Fazoli's, Monroe County Airport, Mathers Museum, Barnes & Noble, the library, and the police station. There are also moms' nights, for those much-needed evenings away from the kids! We have a book club meeting and parenting book club meeting every month, as well as game nights and dinner get-togethers.

The Bloomington Moms Meetup Group believes that every mother deserves a support group through which she can connect with other women in a safe, fun, inclusive environment. Our group gives women a forum to discuss and organize events that suit our unique needs as mothers. We believe that arranging playdates and walks, fun activities for children, frequent Moms' Nights Out, and other programs specific to the needs of our group are essential to meeting our goal of creating a genuine community of mothers. We believe that being a woman doesn't stop when you become a mother. The Bloomington Moms Meetup Group gives women the ability to live their lives as women and mothers, not mothers alone.

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