Indiana Search and Rescue Association (INSARA)

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The Indiana Search and Rescue Association (INSARA) incorporated as a non-profit membership organization in 1994. INSARA is comprised of dedicated paid and non-paid professional search and rescue (SAR) response organizations, agencies, and individuals. The Association is interested in all aspects of SAR and the humanitarian cause of saving lives, serving Indiana so that others may live. The primary missions of the Indiana Search and Rescue Association (INSARA) are: To increase professionalism among its members through the development, promotion, and implementation of nationally recognized search and rescue training and operations standards and the certification of search and rescue responders. To increase and improve the response and preparedness capabilities of its members by providing a comprehensive search and rescue training and education program. To promote the development and implementation of a total, integrated search and rescue response system within the State of Indiana, to include a comprehensive statewide search and rescue plan.

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