Philanthropy for America (PFA) is a visionary 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to enlist, equip and empower the next generation of Millennial leaders across Indiana and the United States through training, coaching, experiential learning and public service so that they would be empowered to impact their societies.

Founded in 2016 by American Educator Roy Y. Chan, our mission is to develop, instill and cultivate a philanthropic culture among the Millennial generation by enlisting talented and passionate college graduates and young professionals to work for two years as PFA Fellows at a non-governmental, non-profit organization-PFA Partnered Organization-in the United States and to strengthen the movement for employment equity and income equality. In return the PFA Partnered Organization receives 15 percent of the PFA Fellow's monthly salary used to support the company's mission and/or charitable giving activities in the organization.

Philanthropy for America (PFA) aspires to help employers and consumers recruit, train and hire Millennials  (age 18-34) in the 21st century by developing a platform for companies to hire recent college graduates and young adults toward a career in business, education, development, management, social work, technology, among others. We seek to be a leading source of young philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and humanitarians who compensate their time and wealth that best serves local, national and/or international communities.

Year Established: 
2016 (all day)
Incorporation Status: 
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213 South Rogers Street, Suite 7

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