The Sycamore Valley Foundation

Building on over 40 years of accident-free firearms education leadership provided by the Sycamore Valley Gun Club, the Sycamore Valley Conservation and Education Foundation was created in response to changing attitudes regarding firearms ownership. Today, the important role played by law-abiding gun owners is less well understood now than at any time in our nation's history. Through our successful acquisition of the Freedom Conservancy property, the Foundation is establishing a world-class shooting sports and firearms safety education facility right here in the heart of Southern Indiana. Your voluntary contributions are needed now to help make this dream a lasting reality.

The Freedom Conservancy

Situated on nearly 150 acres of fertile White River bottom land in rural Owen County, the Freedom Conservancy is a pleasant blend of open fields and mixed-hardwood forested lands. A long-term forestry, wildlife and water quality conservation plan has been developed to ensure continued habitat for native species. Range development, including existing 100 and 200 yard rifle and 25 yard pistol ranges, is being integrated with ongoing agricultural and recreational uses. Family-oriented programs and facilities centered on the shooting sports are a continuing development emphasis.

The Sycamore Valley Gun Club

The Sycamore Valley Gun Club (SVGC) is responsible for daily operation and management of the Freedom Ranges. Permanent shooting facilities for air gun, pistol, rim fire and high-power rifle are available now to registered members and guests. Access to the range is via locked gate, members are provided with the combination. These existing facilities include a 25 yard pistol range, 100 and (1) 200 yard rifle range(s) and a trap range. Future plans include use-specific ranges dedicated to all major shooting disciplines. Membership in the SVGC is available (optionally) to Sycamore Valley Foundation members (with NRA registration) only.

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