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Stages Bloomington

AddressP.O. Box 5036
Bloomington, IN 47407

Stages Bloomington provides music, dance and theatre arts experiences for young people in grades 1-12. Stages gives youth in Bloomington and surrounding communities the opportunity to learn and participate while building self esteem and self confidence.

Contactinfo [at] stagesbloomington.com
Incorporation StatusIncorporated
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The Bloomington Beacon

AddressP.O. Box 2363
Bloomington, In 47402

The purpose of Bloomington Beacon shall be: --To provide educational, economic and cultural opportunities for the Latino community in south-central Indiana by: 1. Fostering English/Spanish biculturalism, bilingualism and biliteracy among residents in south-central Indiana by performing educational outreach and teaching grammatically correct Spanish; 2. Creating and maintaining a center called ?Escuelita Para Todos? as a venue for social and educational programs of interest to the Latino communities in the Bloomington area; 3. Establishing and operating a business guild to support businesses owned by and/or catering to Latino people; 4. Creating and operating informational Websites to promote the business guild and the center and to support the civil, labor, and human rights of Latinos in south-central Indiana by providing detailed information, accurate news, and commentary. 

--El propósito de Bloomington Beacon será: Proporcionar oportunidades educativas, económicas y culturales para la comunidad latina en el centro y sur de Indiana por medio del fomento de Inglés/Español en su forma de biculturalismo,y bilingüismo entre los residentes del centro y sur de Indiana realizando la extensión educativa y la enseñanza gramatical correcta del español creando y manteniendo un centro para la comunidad llamado " Escuelita Para Todos " como un lugar para los programas sociales y educativos de interés para las comunidades latinas en Bloomington y sus alrededores. Establecer y operar un gremio empresarial para apoyar a las empresas propiedad o que dan servicios a la comunidad latina. Creación y operación de sitios web informativos para promover la alianza de negocios y el centro de la comunidad y para apoyar el orden civil, laboral, y los derechos humanos de los latinos en el centro-sur de Indiana, proporcionando información detallada, noticias exactas, y de comentario."
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The Grant Street Musician's Co-op

Address116 N. Grant Street
Bloomington 47404


The Grant Street Musician's Co-op is a nonprofit creative community space that acts as a concert venue, a rehearsal space, a meeting room, a classroom, and much more.

Contactgrantstreetmusiccoop [at] gmail.com
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The Jewish Theatre of Bloomington

Address1120 Nancy Street
Bloomington, IN 47401



The mission of the Jewish Theatre of Bloomington is to produce works that are written from a Jewish perspective but that also focus on universal issues of the human condition and are accessible to a diverse audience.

ContactAudrey Heller (Co-Artistic Director)
hellera [at] indiana.edu
Additional ContactDarrell Stone (Co-Artistic Director)
dastone [at] indiana.edu
Incorporation StatusIncorporated
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The Quarry Projects, Ltd.

AddressPO Box 7374
Bloomington, IN 47407

The Quarry Project's mission is to provide time, space, and technical guidance to all artists, with or without ceramics experience, to explore the creative potential and use of clay and/or ceramic processes in contemporary art making.

ContactShu-Mei Chan (Executive Director)
shu-mei [at] thequarryprojects.com
Additional ContactDaniel Evans (Technical Advisor)
daniel [at] thequarryprojects.com
Incorporation StatusIncorporated
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Theatre of the People (TOP)

AddressP.O. Box 764
Bloomington, IN 47402

Theatre of the People (TOP) is a non-profit community arts organization founded in May 2008 to showcase modern art for community's sake.


TOP also facilitates educational opportunities that address under-served youth and adults to help improve life outcomes and to further strengthen the civic engagement and cultural prosperity of Bloomington and beyond.


TOP's open doors are always welcome any and all willing Bloomington residents, Indiana University and Ivy Tech students, and other Hoosiers from all walks of life to participate in the creation of community art to improve life outcomes for all.

ContactHannah Moss (Co-Founder)
hannah [at] theatreofthepeople.com
Additional ContactDavid Nosko (Co-Founder)
david [at] theatreofthepeople.com
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Traditional Arts Indiana

Address504 N. Fess Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47408


TAI is a partnership of the Indiana Arts Commission and the IU Folklore Department. TAI's mission is to support, promote, and present Indiana's traditional artists. It is a nonprofit, educational program.

ContactJon Kay (Director)
tradarts [at] indiana.edu
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Trained Eye Arts Center

Address615 N Fairview St
Bloomington, IN 47404


Our Mission is to provide resources and educational programs designed to nurture artistic expression and broaden participation in the arts. Our cooperative is designed like a skills exchange, where we pool our skills together for the benefit of all our members and the Bloomington community.

Contactallaboard [at] trainedeyearts.com
812.269.6ART (6278)
Incorporation StatusIncorporated
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University Club Book Discussion Group


The group Of University Club members meets on the third Thursday of the month from September to May to discuss a book selected by members the previous June. Each member reads the book ahead of time and at some point takes a turn at being a discussion leader according to the established group guidelines. Hostess duties rotate on a voluntary basis. The group meets in each other's homes. Meetings begin with socializing at 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Discussion runs from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

ContactMartha Smiley (Co-Chairs)
mjs3396822 [at] aol.com
Additional ContactRosemary Dever (Co-Chairs)
rmdever [at] indiana.edu
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WFHB Community Radio

Address108 W Fourth St
Bloomington, IN 47404


WFHB is the hub of our local community, and to that end, we create programming that meets the needs of the community. Hola Bloomington, Bring It On!, BloomingOUT, EcoReport, and many other programs produced by the public affairs department are important reminders of diversity of this area. The WFHB news department has won over 40 awards for journalistic excellence. This is evident in Daily Local News at 5:30 PM. WFHB music programming is eclectic and unique- nothing you will hear on other stations- such as Planetary Caravan, Golden Age Radio, Reggae Children, and so much more. WFHB also produces the quarterly live radio show- Firehouse Follies, the monthly Brown Country Hour, and many live, in-studio music performances throughout the year. WFHb on air at 91.3/98.1/100.7/106.3 and online at WFHB.org.

ContactCleveland Dietz (General Manager)
manager [at] wfhb.org
Year Established1993
Incorporation StatusIncorporated
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WFIU Community Advisory Board

Address1229 East Seventh Street
Bloomington, IN 47405


The WFIU Community Advisory Board assists WFIU senior managers fulfill the station's mission to inform, inspire, and educate its audiences.

ContactJanis Starcs (Chair/Owner)
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Windfall Dancers

AddressWindfall Studio
101 N. Dunn St.
Bloomington, IN 47408


Windfall Dancers is Bloomington's oldest community modern dance collective. We are a fully qualified 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization governed by a board of directors. Windfall is comprised of a community of people who love to dance. Windfall Dancers is always working to make sure that Bloomington has a space where the community can come together to create, learn, and enjoy dance

ContactKay Olges (President)
school [at] windfalldancers.org
Additional Contactwindfall [at] windfalldancers.org
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Women Writing for (a) Change

AddressPoplar Grove Schoolhouse
4638 E. State Road 45
Bloomington, IN 47408


The Bloomington affiliate of Women Writing for (a) Change is an emerging school which supports the lives of women for whom writing is, or is becoming, an important creative and spiritual practice. The mission of the school has always been to create a healthy, creatively-charged writing community that celebrates the voices of women (and men in select offerings) in search of authenticity, deeper consciousness, healing, personal transformation and re-connection.

ContactBeth Lodge-Rigal (Owner/Director)
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WonderLab Museum of Health, Science, and Technology

Address308 West 4th Street
Bloomington, IN 47404



The mission of WonderLab is to provide opportunities where people of all ages, especially children, can experience the wonder and excitement of science through hands-on experiences that stimulate curiosity, encourage exploration, facilitate discovery and foster learning.

Website contains a link for sending direct emails.

Contactwriteus [at] wonderlab.org
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Writers Guild at Bloomington

AddressP.O.Box 3445
Bloomington, IN 47402-3445

The Writers Guild at Bloomington is an association of writers committed to mutual support and the professional development of their craft. Its mission is to foster interaction among writers as well as other artists, educators, and the Monroe County public, thereby enhancing the vibrancy of the arts and the writing community in the greater Bloomington area.

The Writers Guild holds monthly meetings, maintains a website, engages in projects, and produces and supports events such as reading series, workshops, and conferences.

Writers of all levels are welcomed, and if you are not a writer but would like to support poets, fiction writers and playwrights, we welcome you to visit our website and enjoy our events. Artists from other genres, and organizations, are welcomed to contact us about possible projects. We are open to creative interaction.

The Writers Guild was founded in October, 2010 and is a member of the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington.

ContactPatsy Rahn (Chairperson)
contact [at] writersguildbloominton.com
Additional ContactMichelle Deschenes (Secretary/Treasurer)
Incorporation StatusIncorporated
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Youth Theatre, Inc.

AddressBloomington, IN

Youth Theatre, Inc. (YT) is a nonprofit organization that has been established to promote a quality, pre-professional summer theatre experience for the youth of Bloomington, Indiana and surrounding communities.

YT provides a venue for local youth to showcase their musical and dramatic skills, and to challenge the cast to develop as individual performers as they experience the thrill of live theatre. YT believes that finding self-expression through theatre can be a tremendously positive experience for young actors who are developing into adults. For those students who aspire to careers in the entertainment business, YT aims to recreate the experience of working within a professional theatre company. Toward that end, our performances feature professional venues, sets, and costumes in addition to live musicians.

Year Established2009
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