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We Are You

AddressBloomington, IN 47408

The goals of our organization are to counteract stereotypes and prejudices against groups of people and to give marginalized people a voice and an opportunity to share their stories. We are going to be taking photos of individuals or couples and posting their photos on social media sites and on posters around town. On the image we are going to have a very concise message that we hope will cause an emotional response and feeling of connectedness from the viewer to the subject(s). We will have a full interview available if the viewer wants to learn more about the individual(s) but on the main image we want the message to be very short so a person will accidentally be exposed to someone from a possibly different background.

We want to give a voice to people feeling under attack right now. We are aiming to include all people from religious/ethnic/racial backgrounds, people who are LGBTQ+, people with disabilities or mental illness and people with different socio-economic statuses.

ContactJenn Harmless
weareyoubloomington [at]
Year Established2017
Incorporation StatusIncorporated
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