Online Learning Made Easy


One simple fact about the modern world is that the need for learning never ends. Another simple fact? The cost of learning keeps going up. As the Rolling Stones once said:

What can a poor boy do
Except play in a rock and roll band . . .

Nowadays, a poor boy can also go to LinkedIn Learning through the Library’s website and, with just his Library card barcode number, learn the basics of music— and how to play it, record it, and promote it. And that’s just the beginning of what he can learn with LinkedIn Learning's high-quality, self-paced online video lessons.

LinkedIn Learning's come a long way since the days its founders, Lynda Weinman and her husband Bruce Heavin, began distributing the courses they taught on videocassette. The company quickly grew in response to demand from tech developers and programmers, expanding into thousands of online tutorials taught by industry experts when the Internet arrived.

Each topic in LinkedIn Learning is taught in detail by industry experts, with the relevant software bundled into learning paths to help you reach your goal. Want to build a website in WordPress? LinkedIn Learning can show you how to put one together, attract and analyze site traffic, and—if you’re truly a geek—muck around with code for customized results. Other LinkedIn Learning topics include business and marketing, database-building, CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, photography and videography, IT, education, and more—browse LinkedIn Learning's Library menu for your favorite subjects. Learning paths also feature study and practice guides, as well as a certification program to help you leverage your knowledge into the workplace.

Best part: LinkedIn Learning’s free to use, through the Library's subscription.

As with any online course, what you get out of LinkedIn Learning is limited only by your motivation to learn. My recommendation: don’t take short cuts, use the practice sessions, and learn each lesson thoroughly before moving to the next one.

Whether you use LinkedIn Learning to find a job in an ever-changing marketplace, to improve your skills in a favorite hobby, or to just scratch an intellectual itch, remember: learning is fun. And thanks to your Library, it's free, too.