Tween Quaranzine

Call for Submissions

Monroe County tweens (ages 7–11) are invited to contribute to making an online Tween Quaranzine to document how you, the community’s young people, are responding to these strange times of quarantine and social distancing in the face of COVID-19.

To participate, you may contribute an 8.5” x 5.5” page. All ideas that highlight the community and uplift your voices are encouraged and welcome. The Library will accept writing (250 words or less), artwork, comics, photography, recipes, tutorials, and/or a combination of all of these––really anything goes as long as it can be represented on paper. For example, you can make a sculpture but you’d have to photograph it and then share the photo which is what would be used. The Library cannot accept video or audio files.

Zines have always amplified community voices. During this time, it is more important than ever to find alternative ways to connect. The Tween Quaranzine will be a reflection of Monroe County’s amazing community. Your pages will be compiled and made publicly available on the Library’s website as one zine! 

Submissions are due by July 31 and will be published the week of August 7.

By the way, what’s a Zine?

Zines are magazines published by individuals or groups independent of big publishing companies. Zines can be written on any topic! From personal narrative, to fiction, to DIY guides, if it exists, there’s probably a zine about it.

Zines come in lots of different styles. Some are written entirely as comics, others are written using only words, while others use only images. Some are black and white, and others are in full color. Check out this zine written for kids on the coronavirus.

The Library’s zine will be digital. The Library will also print a copy for its in-house zine collection and will send each contributor a digital file that can be printed.

Prompts to Get Started

Imagine your story.

  • If COVID-19 weren’t happening right now, how would your school year have ended?
  • If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be and what would you do?
  • Imagine aliens came to Earth during this pandemic. What would they think about our world? Would they be able to help us?
  • Imagine that COVID-19 were a dragon. Write a story about a brave adventurer slaying it.

Draw a picture or write an open letter describing what it is like to be stuck at home to someone who lives in a different part of the nation or to someone in the future long after COVID-19 has been cured.

  • What does it feel like?
  • What are you doing to pass the time?
  • How are you staying connected to friends, family, and classmates?
  • How do you stay positive?
  • What advice would you give to others?

Write a poem or make a piece of art that shows what you’re most excited to do when this is all over.

  • Maybe it’s a place, a person, or a thing––everyone is missing something right now!
  • Do you have a favorite toy or game that has helped you get through this time? Describe it, draw it, and share how it has helped you.

Rules and Submission Guidelines

Please submit your work through this form. Please email kbaker [at] with any questions or entries.

Your submission will be publicly visible on the Library’s website. Please get your parent or guardian’s permission prior to submitting content.  Your first name, the first letter of your last name (optional), and your age (e.g. John S., age 8) will be published along with your submission.

Submissions will be reviewed by Library staff. Work must be appropriate for age 7 and up and is subject to the Library's behavioral guidelines. Submitted content must be original and previously unpublished. You may choose to submit multiple pieces, but the Library will only publish one per participant. Submitting your work is not a guarantee that your submission will be published. 

By submitting your work, you agree that MCPL has the right to publish your work in their Tween Quaranzine but ownership rights of the original work remain with the creator.

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