D&D Library Talk: An MCPL Podcast

D&D Library Talk MCPL

D&D Library Talk is our new podcast on the ins and outs of RPG systems, like Dungeons and Dragons! We talk about how to make sure everyone enjoys the game, whether as a player or game master.

The podcast features Teen Librarian Sam Ott, Senior Information Assistant Laura Wise, and library volunteer and game designer Scott Murray. It is edited and with music by Andrew Slater. 



  • Episode one: Learn group dynamics and how to create a session 0 so everyone can have their expectations met
  • Episode two: Learn about world building and how to create a campaign without burning out
  • Episode three: Learn about combat and encounters in RPGs and strategies for structuring them
  • Episode four: Learn about how RPGs function, some of the terminology and game mechanics, and the nuts and bolts of playing these games


Resources from Episodes