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D&D Library Talk MCPL

D&D Library Talk is our podcast on the ins and outs of RPG systems, like Dungeons and Dragons! We talk about how to make sure everyone enjoys the game, whether as a player or game master.

The podcast features Teen Librarian Sam Ott, Senior Information Assistant Laura Wise, and library volunteer and game designer Scott Murray. It is edited and with music by Andrew Slater. 



  • Episode one: In our first episode, we talk about how to navigate group dynamics and creating a session so everyone can have their expectations met.
    Resources: Consent checklist
  • Episode two: In episode two, we talk about world building and how to create a campaign without burning out.
  • Episode three: In episode three, we talk about combat and encounters in RPGs and strategies for structuring them.
  • Episode four: In episode four, we take a step back and talk about how RPGs function, explain some of the terminology and game mechanics, as well as the nuts and bolts of playing these games.
  • Episode five: In episode five, we shake things up and record a play session to illustrate how all of these pieces we have been discussing fit together and take time to explain how the game works as we go along.
    Resources:   Pit of Golden Scorpions play files
  • Episode six: Episode six focuses on different sources of inspiration for a D&D game, with an emphasis on free resources available at the library or online. We also briefly share our personal favorite sources of inspiration.
  • Episode seven: In episode seven, we dive back into the dungeon to continue putting concepts into practice and explore how to create a fun RPG environment for both the DM and the players. 
    Resources:   Scorpion Queen, Mummy's Tomb play files
  • Episode eight: In episode eight, we continue our exploration of the Tomb of the Scorpion Queen and test our mettle against a dangerous foe!
    Resources:   Updated play map
  • Episode nine: In episode nine we talk about how to design fun and engaging RPG games for tweens and families!
    Resources:   Streamlined character sheets for teen games
  • Episode ten: In episode ten, we record another play session as we continue our exploration of the dungeon, searching for the Book of the Dead, facing down new enemies, and hoping luck is on our side!
    Resources:   Episode 10 play files


Additional Resources from Episodes

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