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Level Up

There are now more ways to get creative in Level Up, our digital creativity space! 3D printing and memory preservation have joined our existing services, which include video and audio recording, Adobe Creative Cloud-equipped workstations, and more!

April 15, 2022
Podcasting 101

Have you ever had an idea for a podcast and not known exactly where to begin? Looking for answers online turns up a variety of resources, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you see extensive lists of gear, software, and production techniques.

October 5, 2020
At-Home Digital Creativity

Specialized digital creativity software available in Level Up is an invaluable part of your workflow, but when the Library is closed, what do you do when you can't access to it? Here is a list of some of our favorite alternatives to popular Level Up software that you can download and use at home, for free!

May 18, 2020

Live DJing has come a long way since the days of keeping the party going by simply playing one song after another. The turntable revolution of the 1980s established DJs as performers in their own right—songs on vinyl records became the raw materials sonic artists mixed, "scratched," and re-fashioned into amazing new musical statements and creative experiences.

April 10, 2018


What are “makers,” exactly? Literally anyone who makes something! Tinkerers, inventors, programmers, artists, designers, scientists, and many other creators make up this diverse, DIY-spirited group. And there will be quite a few of them at this year’s Makevention, 10am-4pm on Saturday, August 26th, at the Bloomington/Monroe County Convention Center.

Makevention is a free event showcasing the work and imagination of regional and local makers. Here’s a short list of the many awesome makers participating this year:

August 8, 2017


So much great stuff is in Level Up—free to use with your Library card—for people of all ages and skill levels. But how do you know how to match up your creative interests with the amazing equipment and software here waiting for you?

Level Up’s useful Resources page is what you want. We've scoured the web for the best free guides to digital creativity and posted them there for beginners, experts, and everybody in between (and don't forget collection of books and magazines in Level Up!).

May 22, 2017

Your Mom's specialshouldn't her Mother's Day card be too? Mother's Day is next Sunday, so you've got a week to find a message that really captures your love and appreciation for all Mom's done for you.

May 7, 2017

Level Up now has three guitars for use in the audio studios:

  • Spector Performer bass guitar
  • Squire Stratocaster electric guitar
  • Ibanez Artwood acoustic guitar

These guitars are available to check out during your reserved studio session and can be used in combination with the awesome amp design plug-ins in Logic Pro X, Reason 8, Ableton Live 9, and Pro Tools 12!

February 3, 2016

Final Cut Pro X is a powerful, flexible video editor commonly used by industry professionals. With it's "magnetic timeline," Final Cut allows for quick editing with no risk of leaving gaps or creating audio/video synch issues.

October 2, 2015

For the month of August, we’re highlighting our two Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablets. We have one medium and one large sized tablet to use with digital drawing, painting, and design software. They check out in Level Up for two hours with a library card. See below a bunch of information on how to use these tablets to make the most of your designs.

July 31, 2015

Thanks to all or our Level Up patrons for visiting the library's new digital creativity space! We've been up and running for four months now and the support and input from patrons has been amazing. The staff of Level Up has been working hard to enhance their digital skills to provide the best possible service to Level Up patrons. Another way we would like to assist patrons of Level Up to get the most from our services is by beginning to highlight some of our amazing pieces of gear, software, and gadgets. We'll provide a more in depth look at one piece of technology every month. We'll provide links to the product manual, tutorials, and other informative articles to help patrons get comfortable with all Level Up has to offer. Below is our first installment. Check it out!


The Akai MPK 49 MIDI Controller is available in Audio Production Studio 2, which can be reserved online through D!BS.


The Akai MPK 49 is a 49-key, semi-weighted keyboard with 12 backlit percussion pads, assignable knobs and faders, and more. With the MPK 49, thousands of sounds can be controlled through Level Up’s audio software (Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, and Propellerhead Reason 8)—from common instruments like guitars, basses, and drums to more unusual instruments like mellotrons, zithers, and gamelans. The controller’s ultra-sensitive keys and pads ensure that audio sounds realistic and organic. Eight knobs and faders allow assignment for up to 64 track parameters when using 4 banks to make recording and mixing a more hands-on experience. Visit to reserve Audio Production Studio 2 and start making music with the Akai MPK 49!

Here are some helpful links:

Akai MPK 49 Overview (YouTube Video)

Akai MPK 49 with Logic Pro X

Akai MPK 49 with Ableton Live

Check back next month for a new Level Up highlight!

July 1, 2015