Campaign for Excellence 2012

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Join the Friends of the Library's efforts to enhance library programs, collections, and services for everyone in our community.

MCPL - Our Favorite Library.

Good Memories.

Good Service.

Make a donation in honor of Sally and Jim Harvey or to honor this library's outstanding staff.


Watch. Good friends Sally and Jim Harvey count on the library.

What about you?


An invitation from our 2012 Campaign Co-Chairs, Sally and Jim Harvey

"Please join us in supporting the Campaign for Excellence. Count your savings over the years―the books, music, movies, magazines, and newspapers you have enjoyed and not had to buy. Then think of the services, the programs, the assistance, and the kindheartedness of the staff.

"Your gift will help ensure that our award-winning library continues to enrich the lives of many more in our community in the years to come."

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