Friends of Monroe County Public Library Little Free Library Project

Little Free Libraries have begun sprouting up around Bloomington. Who would have guessed that we’d have a rainy season last through most of August?  But soon the weather will clear, and your Little Free Library will be painted, posted in terra firma, and ready for business. It will look snazzy in your neighborhood. 

What a creative and artistic group you are. It’s fun to see all the variable colors, designs and decorative touches you have conjured. And as the photos below attest, you are focused and committed to creating small objects of beauty that will encourage more reading in your neighborhoods.

                  Blooming Kids for Kindness Painting                                               

Bloomingkids Painting

                Prospect Hill Painting

Sherwood Oaks decided to post their own Little Free Library. Look how nice it turned out. I like the homey print style and the smiley face that will attract both kids and adults. Check out the shiny and fresh-looking titles. So inviting.


Sherwood Oaks Finis


Don’t assume that after posting and stocking your lovely little library, the crowds will come. They might. But then again people might think you’ve added an odd-looking birdhouse, or a book-friendly sculpture. Fret not. There are many things you can do to spread the word. Here is a link to information from the Little Free Library website ( that’s full of practical tips about how to create some buzz for your new venture. 


Sherwood Oaks Finis!



Don’t forget to send us your photos as you decorate and post your Little Free Library. We are very grateful for them as we are to our generous sponsors who are listed below.

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