Friends of Monroe County Public Library Little Free Library Project--Stocking Up

Many of Bloomington's new little libraries are up and running. What's been the reaction so far: curiosity, enthusiam, some excitement? We have some pictures to share and some ideas about stocking your library when that first round of books runs out.              

Finishing Touches for Northwood Estates

Finishing Touches for Northwood




Notice that lovely garden motif and the inspiring motto. Reading is great fun for all ages. Remember that joy of sneaking reads in bed with a flashlight when you were young?

Abe Lincoln once said, “My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.” So you now have a new group of best friends.

Northwood Estate's Library Catalog

Northwood's Library Catalog




Or perhaps this is their call to arms for titles in these areas. Good way to fill some subject holes. I love the Guides & Map listing. This must be a neighborhood of travelers and adventurers. Here are a few other ideas for keeping your Little Free Library a well-stocked place:

  1. Appeal to varied audiences including children, young adults, seniors, teens, fiction lovers and those who enjoy nonfiction.
  2. Mysteries and biographies are popular. In general, more people read fiction than works based on fact. But keep in mind some people only read nonfiction.
  3. Ones that will appeal to teens including science fiction and graphic novels. A graphic novel tells a story through comics, drawings or illustrations.
  4. Don’t forget romances and inspirational literature.
  5. Offer several books that can be read aloud to youngsters of all ages.
  6. Have a few books with many pictures for both children and adults.
  7. Do you have a lot of gardeners, cyclists, or knitters in your neighborhood? How about a book on one of these topics?
  8. Remember to make sure everything is in good condition. Old, mildewed books or ones with missing covers will not appeal.
Eastern Heights, Ready, Set, Go

Eastern Heights, Ready, Set, Go

















After you fill your library, and the neighbors start coming around, you will probably want to keep notes about which items are popular in your area. Do the mysteries fly off the shelf? The romances? The children’s books? If so, you may want to adjust the ratio of these kinds of books when you restock.

Here are some sources for books in B-town: you can solicit some from friends and neighbors, check out thrift stores, hold a book swap, and, of course, visit book stores including our own Friends of the Library Bookstore which is now open four days a week: Tues. Thurs., Sat., and Sunday. On Sunday there is free parking all day. 

Sycamore Village--Opening the Door to Magic

Sycamore Village--Opening the Magic



Where will all the Little Free Libraries be in Bloomington?

Map of Little Free Libraries in Monroe County

Neighborhood Street Location (Linked listings in green have confirmed installation of Little Free Library.)
Ashwood Empty lot between 3504 & 3512 Ashwood Dr.
Blooming Kids for Kindness 2261 S. Bent Tree Drive
Broadview 704 W. Graham Dr. (Broadview Park)
Crescent Bend 1311 West 17th St.
Eastern Heights 4330 E Kinser Dr. (Corner of Hector & Kinser)
Hoosier Acres 1008 S. Meadowbrook Dr.
Near West Side Corner of Fairview and 8th St.
Northwood Estates Rosewood Dr.
Park Ridge East At Playground on Morningside Dr. just east of Park Ridge Rd.
Prospect Hill 600 W. Howe St.
Sherwood Oaks 3728 South Bainbridge Dr.
SoMax 1712 E Ruby Lane
South Griffy 2603 North Browncliff Lane
Spicewood 2534 S Spicewood Ln
Smithville Area Association 7555 S Strain Ridge Rd (old Smithville School)
Town of Stinesville 8435 N. Market St. (McGlocklin Park Shelterhouse)
Other Little Free Library Locations Not Funded by Duke Energy Grant to Friends of Monroe County Public Library:
Crestmont Crestmont Community Building, 1002 N. Summit St, sponsored by Kiwanis Club of South Central Indiana
Grandview Hills The 1st Little Free Library in Bloomington! 514 N Staats Dr
Sycamore Village  
Unity of Bloomington Bloomington Rail Trail, 4001 S Rogers St at corner of Gordon Pike