Monroe County Public Library Art Exhibit and Display Policy

The Library provides art exhibit and display spaces for public use. The Art Exhibit and Display Policy is developed in accordance with the Library's mission, vision, and values. Exhibit and display spaces are available to individuals and community nonprofit groups on equal terms regardless of opinion or affiliation. The Library does not sponsor nor endorse the views of any individual or group using the exhibit and display spaces.

This policy is for use of the Library by external groups and individuals and does not apply to use by Library staff, the Library Foundation/Friends, and groups collaborating with the Library on an exhibit or display. It applies to all spaces used by the public for display or exhibit, including Library meeting rooms or other areas of the Library.

The Library reserves its display cases and display windows for the primary purpose of presenting itself and the Library Foundation/Friends to the community.

The Library has written procedures for the use and scheduling of exhibit and display spaces that are in the best interest of the Library and the community.

General guidelines: individuals and groups can reserve space through the Library’s meeting room/space reservation webpage or by calling the Administrative Services Assistant at 812 349-3050 ext. 4041.

  • Those reserving exhibit and display spaces are asked to remember that these spaces are public areas readily accessible to Library customers of all ages.
  • The Library reserves the right to deny requests for any reason and to remove exhibits and displays at any time.
  • Direct sale of works on exhibit is not permitted on Library property. There shall be no pricing information posted with the works.
  • The Library reserves the right to preempt and schedule exhibit and display spaces for Library events and promotions as it deems necessary and appropriate.
  • The Library is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage that may occur while works are on exhibit. All who choose to exhibit will be required to sign a form releasing the Library from all such liability. 
  • Exhibits and display use is limited to no more than one month. Exceptions are made by Library administration only. 


  • The individual or group reserving space is required to provide all hardware and supplies for displaying materials and is responsible for installing and removing works.
  • Library staff will not be available to assist with an exhibit or display.

Both installation and removal must be completed during regular Library hours. The individual or group installing the display shall be responsible for any damage caused to the exhibit space while installing or removing the exhibit or display. The title of the exhibit and the name of the individual or group that is mounting it, as well as contact information, must appear prominently with the exhibit or display.

Gallery, first floor, Main Library

  • Art Exhibits
    Art exhibit space is available on four walls (A, B, C, and D). Please refer to the gallery setup form.
    The Library accepts donations from artists for works sold as a result of being on exhibit at the Library.
  • Public Displays
    Space for informational/educational displays is available on wall C. Please refer to the gallery setup form. This space is also available for art exhibits.

Ellettsville Branch

The Ellettsville Branch has an art exhibit space located in the meeting room lobby. This space features hardware for seven wall-hung pieces. This space may be requested through the Library’s meeting room/space reservation webpage, or by calling the Ellettsville Branch at 812-876-1272.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees July 17, 2019