Fee Schedule

Monroe County Public Library 2017 Fee Schedule

Overdue fines $0.25/day (Maximum $10/item)
(No charge for children's materials)
Collection Agency Fee $10.00
Annual Subscription Card -- Non-resident $60.00
Lost items Varies
Photocopies $0.10/page non-color, $0.30/page color (Patrons granted $0.30/day free reference material copies)
Printing $0.10/page non-color, $0.30/page color (Patrons granted $0.30/day free printing)
Obituaries supplied for out-of-county residents $3/name
Genealogy research for out-of-county residents $10/request
Meeting room and auditorium rental for businesses operating in Monroe County

$150/hour for Auditorium and 1B/1C combined

$75/hour for 1B, 1C, 2A

Meeting room clean-up fee

Maintenance (reset room, clean carpet, repair furniture, etc.): $25/hour. Equipment damage or replacement: Cost + $10 service fee

CATS dubs $10/dub (No charge for dubs of public meetings for elected officials from units with contracts with CATS)

Fine Option Program (for patrons 14+)

$5/hour credit

Read It Off (children under age 18)

$5 credit/use and return

Food for Fines credit

$1 for each item

Approved December 14, 2016 revised June 2017, changes effective July 1