Monroe County Public Library 2021 Fee Schedule

Care Fee Option Program (all ages) $10/credit use and return
Food for Fees credit $1 for each item
Lost items Replacement cost per item
Meeting room and Auditorium rental for businesses

$150/hour for Auditorium and for 1B/1C combined

$75/hour for 1B, 1C, 2A, 214

Meeting room additional fees Maintenance or additional security needs: $25/hour. Equipment or furniture damage at repair or replacement cost.
PLAC cards (non-resident) Statewide access to Public Libraries $65
Photocopies $0.10/page non-color, $0.30/page color (Patrons granted $0.30/day free reference material copies)
Printing $0.10/page non-color, $0.30/page color (Patrons granted $0.30/day free printing)

Subscription Card–non-resident for MCPL access only


Volunteer Work for Credit (14 and older)

$10/credit per hour

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees December 16, 2020