Monroe County Public Library 2020 Fee Schedule

At their meeting on Wednesday, January 15, 2020, the Library Board of Directors approved a policy to eliminate overdue fines, effective March 1, 2020. The policy waives all unpaid overdue fines and collection agency fees charged prior to implementation, and eliminates fines for all late returns moving forward. Please stay tuned as the information on this page will change.

Annual Subscription Card—non-resident $60.00
Community Access Television Services (CATS) duplications $10/dubs (No charge for dubs of public meetings for elected officials from units with contracts with CATS)
Collection Agency fee $10.00
Fine Option Program (for patrons age 14+) $5/hour credit
Food for Fines credit $1 for each item
Lost items Replacement fee cost per item
Meeting room and Auditorium rental for businesses operating in Monroe County

$150/hour for Auditorium and for 1B/1C combined

$75/hour for 1B, 1C, 2A, 214

Meeting room additional fees Maintenance or additional security needs: $25/hour. Equipment or furniture damage at repair or replacement cost.
Overdue fines $0.25/day (Maximum $10.00/item)
(No charge for children's materials)
Photocopies $0.10/page non-color, $0.30/page color (Patrons granted $0.30/day free reference material copies)
Printing $0.10/page non-color, $0.30/page color (Patrons granted $0.30/day free printing)

Read It Off (children under age 18)

$5/credit/use and return

Approved December 18, 2019