Library History 1947-1964

The Carnegie Library 

ImageThis period witnessed the inauguration of several new programs and preliminary efforts by the library to redesign existing spaces to alleviate overcrowded conditions. In 1950, Miss Ashby started buying adult and children phonograph records for the library. In fact, the library was among the first in the state to allow patrons to check out records for home use. A lunch hour record playing program was introduced in 1953. In 1960, children took part in a summer reading program. The film library was begun in 1964, and that same year an auditorium for group activities was made available. In March 1955, plans and estimates for a library addition were submitted and formally approved. The library added a garage for the Bookmobile, staff offices, and a processing room. By 1963, there were 21,042 borrowers. The local newspaper reported that the library needed to be expanded. After Miss Ashby retired in 1964, newly appointed director Charles Hunsberger began drafting a five-year plan for a new library building.