Main Library Space Improvements

The Main Library is scheduled for carpet and paint updates beginning late September through early February. The Library will remain open during these updates. Specific areas of the library will be inaccessible during scheduled times to safely complete the work.

The Indiana Room will be unavailable from October 21–November 14. Due to the nature of the work being done, it will be closed to both the public and staff. Collections will be boxed and stored and not accessible. Print copies of specific public and government documents, as well as the use of copiers and scanners, will remain available on the second floor. 

The El-Centro office will close on November 4 and be temporarily located in the VITAL collections area (the VITAL Resource Room). El Centro will reopen in their new office space located in Room 205 off the Indiana Room on November 15.

Children’s services will temporarily relocate to Rooms 1B and 1C for approximately six weeks from December 16–January 24. The Children’s Room will receive major updates including new carpeting, new paint, and the addition of a tween space. Additionally, some shelving heights are being reduced and all aisles are being adjusted to improve accessibility and exceed ADA standards.

Other spaces will be used as swing space and are also scheduled for new paint and carpet. The following spaces will be unavailable during the following times:

  • Meeting Room 214: September 23–24 and November 11
  • Reference area (just outside the Indiana Room): October 21–November 14
  • Meeting Room 2C: October 26–January 25
  • Meeting Room 1B and 1C: December 2–February 1
  • Third-floor lobby and reception: December 16–23
  • Meeting Room 2B: January 20–25