Library Spokesperson

In order to provide the most current and consistent information about the Library, all contact with media will be carried out through the Library Director, Associate Director, or Communications & Marketing Manager, although at times these designees may refer the media to specific staff members. All inquiries from the media should initially be sent to the Communications & Marketing Manager. The Board President is the spokesperson for the Library Board of Trustees. 

Inquiries related to the underlying principles of a policy that are open to interpretation from a political, constitutional, and/or legal perspective should be referred to the Director. All inquiries regarding the Library budget should be referred to the Director and/or Financial Officer.

When serving as spokesperson, employees who represent the Library should avoid speculation on any topic and refrain from offering personal opinions about Library policies or programs, even when asked to do so by a reporter.

Individual and Commercial Photography and Recordings

The Library's primary mission is to provide services to residents of Monroe County. Any photography or recording (defined as both video and audio recording) may not interfere with the provision of these services.  

Individuals photographing or recording on Library premises have the sole responsibility of obtaining the necessary releases and permissions from those involved (minors require the permission of the minor's legal guardian). The Library undertakes no responsibility for obtaining these releases.

Individuals are subject to the Library’s Behavioral Rules Policy and may not disturb the normal operations of the Library. Staff may terminate any photography or recording session that appears to compromise public safety or security.

The Library does not permit commercial photography or filming. Any exception requires the express advance written permission from the Library Director, Associate Director, or Communications & Marketing Manager.

Community organizations holding scheduled events or meetings in Library spaces may arrange for their own commercial photography or recording of their event. Such commercial photography and recording is restricted to the space reserved by the group, and the group is responsible for any necessary releases and permissions as noted above.


Library Representative Photography and Recordings

The Library reserves the right to document its services and the public's use of the Library. Official representatives of the Library may photograph or record (defined as both video and audio recording) within the Library and at Library-related events and activities. These photographs and recordings may be copied, displayed, telecast, and/or published (including on the Library's website and social media) to promote and inform the public about the Library.

This extends to Friends of the Library events and Library booths and/or programs in the community.


Public Social Media Rights and Responsibilities

Social media is defined here as websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Meetup, SoundCloud, BuzzFeed, NextDoor, and Flickr. The Library makes use of these platforms to communicate with and be easily accessible to the public.

All official Library-represented social media platforms will be selected, created, and moderated by the Communications & Marketing unit, or those specifically designated by that unit.

The Library reserves the right to remove any content (posts, comments, tags, and/or images) that is deemed, in its sole view, to be inappropriate in nature. This includes content that contains:

  • Abusive, harassing, or threatening language
  • Illegal content, including copyrighted, trademarked, or plagiarized material
  • Private or personal information, including phone numbers and addresses, or requests for personal information
  • Unrelated commercial, advertising, political, or religious messages, including spam
  • Solicitation of funds

The Library also reserves the right to ban or block users who post such content. 

Public user posts may be shared by the Library. Users will follow the guidelines of individual social media platforms, and be moderated by those individual platforms. The Library is not responsible for, nor does it endorse, the content of its followers.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees March 17, 2021