Printing Services for Curbside Pickup

The Main Library and Ellettsville Branch Library offer printing services for curbside pickup. Printing is free with a limit of one request per week per patron. Each request can be a maximum of 50 double-sided pages.


Making an Appointment

To request printing services, submit a print request. Use the form to upload your print request and schedule a curbside pickup time to get your printed materials.

Submit a Print Request


Pickup Instructions

The Library requires patrons to wear a face-covering while on the premises. Disposable masks are available at all locations for patrons who do not have one, and free reusable masks from the Bloomington Mask Drive are available at the Main Library. Please observe social distancing guidelines, keeping a minimum of six feet between yourself and others. If someone is in the vestibule when you arrive, please wait until they leave before entering. View all COVID-19 safeguards.

Time slots will be 30 minutes long. Customers should report to their selected location's parking lot entrance at their designated time, entering the first set of doors off of the parking lot. Printed material pickup will take place in the vestibule at each location, which will be open to curbside pickup by appointment customers only. The Library itself will remain closed.

Documents will be sealed in an envelope on the curbside pickup table labeled with your initials and pickup time. Please take only your materials. Do not touch other materials. If you have questions or concerns, or have missed your pickup time, please call (812) 349-3050 to discuss and/or reschedule. For the safety of all, staff will not interact with customers onsite.


Requests must be for specific items and forms (i.e. Form 1040). Staff cannot provide legal, financial, or medical reference, or suggest what form you may need. Staff may locate specific forms for you without providing advice though.