Phase One (2009 - 2011)

Cory Burger, Matthew Carruthers, Luann Dillon, Lee Ehman, Phil Eskew, Paula Gray-Overtoom, Joanne Thomasen, Andrew Lockdall, Jared Thompson, the Indiana State Library and the Monroe County History Center. Special thanks to Mayer Maloney, publisher of The Herald-Times, and programmer Daniel Piertz for helping us further developing the concept.

Phase Two (2011 -2013)

Stacie Anderson, Archie Koon, Diane Ballard, Nicole Bieganski, Cristina Bonini, R. Alex Crouch, Ethan Cybulski, Luann Dillon, Friends of the Library, Cynthia Geiger, Paula Gray-Overtoom, Margaret Harter, Helmut Hentschel, Carrol Krause, David Lemon, Emilia Packard, Randi Richardson, Elizabeth Schlemmer, Ryan Stacy, Austin Stroud, Brianna Voelker, Kaitlin Weller, Suzi White, and Jarod Zimmerman.

Special thanks to Michael Richardson, CEO and Founder of for use of their software and encouragement and for the site constuction by David Ernst, of Internet Minded Design & Development, LLC.

Phase Three (2014 - 2015)

Friends of the Library, Archie Koon, David Ernst, Paula Gray-Overtoom, Brandon Rome, Carmen Wedding, Brianna Voelker, Sarah Furfaro, Nicholas Divine, R. Alex Crouch, Suzi Boelte, Abigail Pigg, Andrea Barbour, Dina M. Kellams, Carrie Schwier, David Lemon, Emily (Borchardt) Noffke, and David Vanderstel, PhD.