"The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone" reviewed by Nikki Beshkar on January 20, 2020

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Nikki Beshkar    
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The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone   
Jaclyn Moriarty   
Why did you decide to read this book? Did a friend suggest it? Did it have an interesting cover?: 
This book seemed very interesting to me when I picked it up off the shelf of the children section of Barnes and Nobles. It has a very elaborate cover showing little things that happened to her.    
What is the story about?/What happened in the story?: 
This story is about a girl named Bronte who is told that she has to go on a trip and deliver gifts to her various aunts in a will that she was given when her parents died. There are kidnappers in this story called Whisperers that she should avoid. As she goes through every trip, she uncovers truths about her parents and herself.    
Who is your favorite character in the story? Why?: 
My favorite character is Bronte because of her brave personality.   
Why did you like this story? or Why did you not like this story?: 
I liked this story because of its twists.    
Other thoughts or feelings about this story? Anything else to add?: 
This book is written in different parts. You could almost think of it as many short stories that do not make sense unless read together.    
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