"Fortune Falls" reviewed by AnAn L. on December 6, 2020

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AnAn L.   
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Fortune Falls   
Jenny Goebel   
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Having a perfect life full of luck and happiness can be achieved by anyone - except Sadie Bleeker and her family because they are Unluckies. They (and other families, Luckies and Unluckies alike) live in Fortune Falls, a magical town where phrases do come true: an apple a day does keep the doctor away; if you find a penny, you'll have good luck, and walking down a ladder might bring Fate to yourself. So, Unluckies are sent away at age 12-13 to prevent others from getting the "bad luck". Sadie wants to stay with her family, Unlucky or not, so she and her friend Cooper come up with a plan to trick Fate. Unfortunately, when the plan turns into a broken mirror, things \get worse than worse. Two beloved people and animals go missing (in a graveyard!), and things nobody would even think of. Can Sadie find out some way to twist Fate up its own fate, or will she have to move away to Bane's forever?   
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I found it in the garage because I already was done reading my other books. I like cats, and so on this cover, I saw a cat standing under a ladder with a broken mirror. This did live up to my exceptions, except for the beginning - it is a little dull. This book can be really funny and exciting once you get to the suspense part, and so I think everyone should get a chance to read this book.   
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