"FoxTrot: Death By Field Trip" reviewed by Aidan on October 9, 2013

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FoxTrot: Death By Field Trip
bill amend
Why did you decide to read this book? Did a friend suggest it? Did it have an interesting cover?: 
Because I like FoxTrot books and this one looked cool.
What is the story about?/What happened in the story?: 
Its a collection of FoxTrot comics about Jason Fox becoming Eileen Jacobson's partner on a school field trip in exchange for the charizard Pokemon card.
Why did you like this story? or Why did you not like this story?: 
I liked it because it was really, really, really, really funny and its the best FoxTrot book I've read.
Other thoughts or feelings about this story? Anything else to add?: 
Also included in this collection of FoxTrot strips: . Grandma's Thanksgiving visit . The Paige-o-morphosis . Nerds of the Rings ."I Want to Be a Millionaire" . Andy the Grinch . Roger and Peters shopping spree .
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